Accreditation Programme
Applied Critical Thinking: A Better Way

A fast route to uncover the truth behind the assumptions

Key information:
Length: 2x 0.5 days. Each session runs from 13:00 UK – 17:00 UK
Developed  and directly supervised by Dr Leandro Herrero
Cost: £2,500 all inclusive of the online training session, access to materials, 2 x virtual 1-2-1 follow up sessions and 6 months’ SILVER level access to the Dr Leandro Herrero Institute members portal.
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What is Critical Thinking, and why is it so important?

Critical Thinking is the “intellectually disciplined process of actively and skilfully conceptualizing, applying, analysing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.” (The National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking, US)

The Dr Leandro Herrero Institute has its own definition of Applied Critical Thinking (ACT). The emphasis on the ‘applied’ is not simply pragmatic and reductionist but based upon the belief that the habit of healthy questioning, and the awareness of how your mind may trick you, is a behavioural skill that can be established and that can provide extraordinary healthy results.

Discipline of questioning + Avoidance of bias and fallacies = Applied Critical Thinking

The difference between the colossal, available, theoretical body of Critical Thinking and our Applied Critical Thinking (ACT) at the core of this programme, is the same as the difference between studying Anatomy and Physiology as a way to understand how one can get fit, and going to the gym. We are going to the gym here.

What you will learn:

Q. “Why is it done this way?”
A. “I don´t know, well, we´ve always done it that way.” 

Q. “Why did no one notice this?”
A. ” I assumed there must have been a good reason.”

Sound familiar? This is a common occurrence – we follow what others do, we make assumptions, we don’t like to challenge the “status quo”. There is often a simple answer to overcome this and create a more open, honest, collaborative and decisive environment – but to find it, we must ask the right questions.

In this course we will walk you through the 4 key questioning techniques – designed to uncover the truth underneath any situation – and give you the tools you need to upskill your team/department/organization to do the same by

  • Introducing you to a simple yet powerful toolkit for ACT
  • Helping you to apply these principles to everyday life within your organization
  • Using real case studies to explain and explore the most common and relevant Mind Traps – cognitive biases; fallacies and cognitive dissonance

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