Intellectual Property

© The Chalfont Project Limited 2020. All rights reserved

Intellectual Property 

All videos, articles, testing materials and other information supplied by [The Chalfont Project Limited] whether by access to digital resources or directly to any individual or company (collectively “the Content”) are copyright The Chalfont Project Limited. Copying, reproducing, distributing, modifying, or transmitting the Content or any part of the Content is prohibited. Other than as expressly granted to any person or organisation, no rights over the Content are granted or implied. “Viral Change” is a registered trademark of The Chalfont Project Limited (TCP).

Material must be represented in its original form and clearly marked as copyrighted material. Any TCP materials used by students in their professional engagements must present TCP´s proprietary intellectual property as material not to be re-used or re-produced without TCP’s written approval. No other licenses or permission for use or publication is allowed or implied by this agreement.

When you are trained to use TCP’s methodology, you may only educate others about the content from the point of view of your opinion on the subject and may not represent that you have permission to train students/clients to use the Viral Change™ methodology.

Any courses or client projects administered by Chalfont Academy students using the Mobilize! Masterclass course manual cannot be branded as a Mobilize! course or a Viral Change™ course and participants of the course shall not be considered trained in the Viral Change™ methodology or as a certified user of Viral Change™.