Certification Programme
Changeability: the key unmissable and practical ingredients to create lasting change

Witness Viral Change™ in action!

Key course information:
Length: 2 x 3 hour live sessions running from 13:00 – 16:00 UK
Led by Dr Leandro Herrero
Cost: £1,800 which includes 6 months’ SILVER level access to the Dr Leandro Herrero Institute members portal
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Uncover the key components to successful and sustainable culture change

Unlock the essence of universal principles that govern the realms of social change, organizational transformation, cultural evolution, and indeed, any profound shift, regardless of its scale.

Prepare to embark on an enlightening expedition led by Dr. Leandro Herrero, spanning two live sessions. This programme promises to be a transformative milestone in your grasp of catalyzing change.

Fundamental principles for immediate action

In two online sessions, each lasting 180 minutes, you will be introduced to the key foundations of orchestrating large-scale change during turbulent times. Dr. Herrero will provide concise, actionable insights that can be readily applied. These sessions are not only essential for managers and leaders gearing up for or immersed in organizational and cultural transformations, but also for individuals dedicated to fostering social change beyond the corporate realm. These principles draw wisdom from a plethora of conceptual sources, allowing you to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

Not plain sailing

Historically, many change methods thrived when conditions were stable and easily navigable. “When the sea was calm, all ships looked similar. They show mastership in floating,” Shakespeare observed in Coriolanus. But calm waters have become a distant memory. Today, the waters are tumultuous, and our vessels have grown larger but less suitable for white water. Most existing ‘change methodologies’ leave organizations perfectly ‘prepared for the past’.

Now more than ever, it is essential to challenge our established practices and steer through change with renewed vigour. The need to understand and apply universal rules for organizational change, cultural evolution, social transformation, or any change with significant and lasting impact is greater than ever. These rules are the compass that will guide us through the turbulent waters of today and the future.

What you will learn

Can we extract the core principles that seem to work anywhere? Over the past three decades, The Chalfont Project has meticulously crafted its ‘universal rules’ for change management. Now, we invite you to join us at the exclusive course, led personally by Dr. Leandro Herrero, the CEO, Founder, international speaker, and author, who will delve into these rules interactively, engaging in thought-provoking discussions with you.

Whether you are already knee-deep in a change process, realize you need to initiate one but are uncertain where to begin, or simply believe that there must be a ‘better way’ to instil lasting change at scale, this short programme is tailor-made for you. Through Dr. Herrero’s insights and shared experiences from The Chalfont Project’s clients, you will depart with a revitalized perspective and the confidence that lasting, impactful change can be achieved by applying the right principles.

Some of the core change management principles that will be covered over the two sessions:

  • Local-ize (de-centre-ing)
  • Make it normal (everyone’s topic, not just for specialists)
  • Make it pro (victimhood sells but doesn’t build change)
  • Tell what won’t change (upfront, unapologetic)
  • Frame it (fixing attracts, building wins)
  • It’s peer-to-peer (real power is horizontal)
  • Scale it (in the infection business)
  • Plateau is an illness (worse than death)
  • Campaign it (avoid the tyranny of the one-off)
  • Assets and strengths base (fixing deficits doesn’t build)
  • Control the conversation (airtime is gold)
  • Forget mindsets (It’s behaviours, stupid)

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