The Dr Leandro Herrero Institute

Your Journey to Remarkable Leadership, Effective Strategy and Sustainable Cultural Change Starts Here!

The Dr Leandro Herrero Institute is dedicated to

  1. Championing peer-to-peer-driven behavioural and cultural transformations
  2. Harnessing the collective power of leadership, and
  3. Pioneering innovative models of organization within both corporate and societal realms 

We do this via accredited and certified courses, unique content packages and an exclusive membership portal. Our central focus lies in equipping individuals with insights, knowledge, skills and tools and empowering them to use these to make a positive impact – in business and/or society. Our goal is to bridge what are commonly seen as distinct domains: mobilizing and involving individuals within corporate structures, and the principles and dynamics of social movements and societal progress. Ultimately, our approach fosters a unified environment where individuals seize control of their lives and unite in pursuit of the common good.

The Dr Leandro Herrero Institute pulls together:

  • 25+ years of experience in helping Leaders and professionals spearheading change to overcome their biggest challenges – from digital transformations and cultural competence to integrating employees post M&As;
  • A wealth of  insights  and unique IP in the core areas of collective leadership, smart organizational design and large scale behavioural-based culture change;
  • Content from 9 management books that helps to guide Leaders and their teams to consider a “Better Way” to navigate organizational challenges of all shapes and sizes.

How do we do this?

  1. Via the Dr Leandro Herrero Institute Membership Portal – an exclusive membership offering for those who wish to understand more. We have established a dynamic platform where like-minded individuals can periodically congregate, exchange ideas, seek support, access content and directly engage with Dr. Herrero and his thought leadership.
  2. Facilitating accessible training and upskilling opportunities for both individuals and organizations, enabling them to apply these principles to their work, whether in the corporate, public sector, or social change arenas.
  3. Granting formal recognition and certification to individuals who have completed a specific training.
  4. Conferring official accreditation upon individuals as experts and professionals well-versed in some of the Institute’s areas of focus. This accreditation  marks their expertise and commitment to excellence in those specific areas.
  5. Tailoring executive education packages to meet the specific needs of companies for in-house training programs.

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