Certification Programme
Unveiling Backstage Leadership™: What leaders do to make leadership totally distributed

Helping to create a thriving organizational environment

Key information
Length: 2 x 3 hour live sessions, running from 13:00 – 16:00 UK time
Led by Dr Leandro Herrero
Cost: £1,200 which includes 6 months’ SILVER level access to the Dr Leandro Herrero Institute members portal
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Backstage Leadership and its role in organizational success:

In the world of theatre, the front stage is where the performance takes place, visible to the audience. In contrast, the backstage is where the preparation, coordination, and organization happen to ensure a successful performance. Similarly, in organizational settings, Backstage Leadership™ refers to the activities and responsibilities that leaders undertake behind the scenes to support and enhance the overall functioning of the organization.

In this unique learning experience, we delve into the subtle yet powerful realm of Backstage Leadership™, a dynamic approach that operates behind the scenes to profoundly impact organizational success. As we explore this concept, we draw inspiration from the principles of influential thought leader Dr. Leandro Herrero, whose work aligns seamlessly with the essence of Backstage Leadership™.

At its core, this course is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about cultivating a mindset that fosters positive change within organizations. Participants will develop the skills and strategies to navigate challenges discreetly, balance visibility and influence, and align seamlessly with front-stage leaders. The values instilled in this course revolve around creating leaders who are not only effective in the spotlight but who also understand the profound impact that can be made behind the scenes.

What you will learn:

This course is designed for leaders, managers, and aspiring change-makers seeking to enhance their leadership toolkit. Throughout the journey, participants will gain a deep understanding of the key characteristics of Backstage Leadership™, learning how to wield influence, shape organizational culture, and communicate effectively behind the scenes. We will explore the empowerment of teams, delegation strategies, and the cultivation of a culture of trust—all essential elements of Backstage Leadership™ that contribute to fostering a thriving organizational environment.

We place a strong emphasis on practical applications and real-world relevance. Through case studies, participants will analyse successful instances of Backstage Leadership™, gaining insights into the challenges faced and the strategies employed. We’ll explore the skills necessary for effective Backstage Leadership™, such as emotional intelligence, strategic decision-making, and adaptability, all while considering the future trends that will shape the landscape of leadership.

As we embark on this learning journey together, we invite you to uncover the potential within Backstage Leadership™, explore its practical applications, and contribute to a new era of organizational success. Join us in redefining leadership and shaping the future of your organization from behind the scenes.

Some of the Key topics covered by this course:

  • Communication and Influence
  • Leadership Beyond Titles
  • Network Leadership
  • Adaptability and Innovation
  • Developing Backstage Leadership™ Skills
  • Balancing visibility and behind-the-scenes influence
  • Strategies for developing a Backstage Leadership™ Culture
  • Successful instances of Backstage Leadership™
  • The future role of Backstage Leadership™ in shaping successful organizations

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