Accreditation Programme
The Leader with 7 Faces: Finding your own ways to practice leadership in today's organization

Uncover true leadership values and create more unified skills and capabilities

Key information:
Length: 2 x 0.5 days running from 13:00 – 17:00 UK
Developed and directly supervised by Dr Leandro Herrero
Cost: £2,500 all inclusive of the online training session, access to materials, 2 x virtual 1-2-1 follow up sessions and 6 months’ SILVER level access to the Dr Leandro Herrero Institute members portal
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A truly unique Leadership Development Programme:

Leadership is  something we practice, not a theory, not a set of off-the-shelf rules or ready-made answers . The Seven Faces framework  questions leadership practices and offers a process to answer them.

Based upon Dr Leandro Herrero’s book of the same title, The Leader with Seven Faces describes our unique programme engaging individual managers or management groups in an in-depth exercise to uncover true and often hidden values and beliefs and create leadership skills and capabilities. This programme will give you the tools needed to propel your leadership team to the next stage of insights, change and effectiveness. For example, the team becomes more aligned faster through agreed non-negotiable behaviours and shared commitment to action. 

It has become almost impossible for leaders in organizations today to create some personal space for reflection upon one’s leadership capabilities, style and impact. Pulled into many directions, the senior executive often reacts to events (or is controlled by them!) without a chance to sit back and evaluate his/her role as leader. This programme helps you to find ways to ‘protect space and time’ for reflection whilst at the same time providing a clear structure for this reflectio

What you will learn

On this journey we approach the Seven Faces:

  1. What leaders say. The issue of their language, what they say and what people hear, perhaps not the same. The meaning and intention of the language used.
  2. Where leaders go. And take people with them. Here the topic of destinations (or lack of), journeys and whether we have a good map. The leader in this face appears a bit like a Cartographer.
  3. What leaders build. How leaders build spaces and protect time. How they build ‘homes’ to belong, or to long for. And, of course, the key issue of legacy: what do leaders leave behind, and whether that matters.
  4. What leaders care about. Here is the area of values and non-negotiables. And how deep we need to go, beyond words.
  5. How leaders do it. The ‘how’ is a question of style, but not in the sense of individual personalities, but more on the styles of bringing people along. For example, a race? A constant race” A pack? A marathon? I draw analogies from running (jogging) in solitary, or in a group.
  6. What leaders are. With emphasis on the ‘what’, as in what kind of beast. There are three topics: awareness, responsibility and identity.
  7. What leaders actually do. The focus here is on role modelling, change ability and the overall practicing of the seven faces.

The Seven Faces allow us to project ourselves in different ways, and to reflect on which of them are overgrown or underdeveloped.

You will uncover the key characteristics of each and understand how to effectively utilise all 7 faces to create a better aligned and more decisive team. You will be equipped with the tools needed to run a psychologically safe intervention with your own team, with the ultimate outcomes being:

  • Individual action plans for each attendee based on the 7 Faces framework
  • A collective action plan for the leadership team, utilising each members strengths as highlighted by the framework

This interactive course will also demonstrate 2 possible models of delivery that you can use within your own organization; a workshop or a retreat.

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