Leandro Herrero Institute
Dr Leandro Herrero

Welcome to the Leandro Herrero Institute Membership Portal

Welcome to this private space for members of the Leandro Herrero Institute. I am delighted that you have joined us. 

I am pleased to offer here what so many have asked for in recent times, particularly in the new world of post-pandemic virtual interactions. Somebody said that the future of digital is analogue. I tend to agree. It’s hard to beat the personal interactions when it comes to learning and sharing insights and knowledge. But fundamental interactions are taken place online every day. We also have a wealth of content that my team is making accessible here. We have created a simple platform that will allow these intimate interactions with likeminded people.

The Institute members can also access an evolving library of ideas, presentations and other assets, well curated for them. I hope you will enjoy it.

Please let us know your views and ideas to help us build this ever evolving space. I also look forward to our quarterly online live interactions. 

Dr Leandro Herrero