11 Leadership Principles – Part II


Our business and organizational life treats reflexion as a luxury that has no place in our ubiquitous ‘time famine’. But it is essential for being a good leader. Maybe leaders need a ‘border diet’? Rethink the way they make decisions, ask questions and focus their time? Here, you can learn about Dr Leandro Herrero’s views on leadership and get insights into Backstage Leadership™, one of the five disciplin of Viral Change™.

This product includes:

  • 4 Articles written by Dr Leandro Herrero:
    • A 6th Century Leadership Manual starts with the word ‘Listen!’
    • Backstage Leadership™ is key to collective leadership, a cornerstone of the modern organization
    • If in doubt, make it personal
    • The death of the charismatic leadership has been grossly exaggerated
  • 1 Book Chapter
    • A book chapter from Dr Leandro Herrero’s book ‘Camino, leadership notes on the road’: Blackwell’s, Oxford
  • 1 Webinar Recording (accessible via link in Pdf) :
    • High Touch and High Tech in the Digitalization Era
  • 1 TEDx Talk
    • Dr Leandro Herrero’s ‘In Praise of Borders’
  • Time to REFLECT: 4 Questions for you to increase your learning outcome
  • Time to SHARE: A summary of main take-aways you can share with friends & colleagues or via social media

What you will learn:

  • What Backstage Leadership™ is and how organizations can use it
  • About the importance of borders for leadership
  • About character and decision making in leadership
  • About leadership in the 21st century

In leadership, we are still behind because we still have a leadership concept that is mainly top-down. Even people who intellectually grasp the idea that there is more to leadership than the top to bottom dynamics, still use expressions such as ‘leaders at the top’ or needing to have ‘the top leadership’ on board. Leadership seems inevitably linked to some kind of physical or psychological height! People ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ and need some space and education to understand the alternatives to the default positions they have lived for many years. Because in reality, Distributed Leadership is the richest engine of change that organizations or macro-social structures have.