01 Mobilize Masterclass


In this masterclass of 28 chapters, Dr. Leandro Herrero takes us into the people mobilizing world with very practical insights that will be enlightening for anybody working on change, transformation or culture, whether you are a business leader, HR/OD/Communications professional, or with a remit on people engagement – and whether you work in a private firm, public institution, social campaigning, political platform, NGO or other. It is precisely the commonalty of human mobilization principles that is at the core of this masterclass.

The Mobilize! Masterclass offers extremely valuable insights into the dynamics and drivers of change. This includes insights into Viral Change™, the people mobilizing platform pioneered by Dr Leandro Herrero, which is regularly used to drive large scale change in international organizations.


What you will learn

  • how to plan, and to run a cultural change initiative at a large scale
  • how the 5 Pillars of Viral Change™ – Behaviours, Peer-to-peer networks, The Informal Organization,  a Storytelling System, and Backstage Leadership™ – drive (organizational) change
  • how to balance the top-down and bottom-up communication elements in your campaign
  • how to ensure the change is sustainable and impacts the changeability of your organization

The Mobilize! Masterclass provides the following features

  • Each chapter is built around a video section in which Dr.  Leandro Herrero shares the vital principles and practices of the Viral Change™ platform. A complete transcript of all chapters is available in the downloadable and course manual PDF.
  • Reflective questions before and short quizzes after each video segment ensure that you will digest and internalize the learning points. A complete question and answer key for each chapter is also included in the course manual.
  • As your personal read thread throughout the training you will be encouraged to link your insights to a change challenge you are currently facing in your work context. You will also be able to record all your personal thoughts and notes in the “Your Notes” section throughout the course.
  • Additional resources (from Leandro Herrero´s Daily Thoughts and book excerpts) at the end of each chapter provide you with further examples of the Viral Change™ philosophy.
    You will have 6 months to complete the course from the point of purchase.
  • Masterclass Chapters:
    1. Why Many “Change Programmes” Fail
    2. A Tale of Two Worlds
    3. Have Two Kitchen
    4. Framing the Narrative
    5. A Host of Motivations
    6. Crystal Clear on Non-Negotiables
    7. Segment, Segment, Segment
    8. Communicate, But Not Too Much
    9. Scope the Social Movement Well
    10. Red Herrings and Distractions
    11. Highly Connected People Wanted
    12. Roles and Characters
    13. Online and Offline Activism
    14. Not All Activists are Equal
    15. Grassroots Need Organizing
    16. Leadership is a Plural Word
    17. Track Progress
    18. Master Storytelling
    19. “Designed Informality”
    20. All Good Things Happen Far Away
    21. Busy-ness is a Trap
    22. Build Capacity, Welcome the Unintended
    23. Connect With Other Initiatives
    24. Write the Script
    25. Resist Deviations from the Model
    26. The Longevity Rules
    27. Conclusion

For any questions or more information/advise, please email [email protected].