Webinar: Company culture – a new look for the Board, Excom, and Investors


‘How can we make culture the strategic advantage?’ is the central question of this webinar, directed at board members, EXCOM, and investors.
In conversation with consultant Anett Helling, CEO Dr Leandro Herrero offers a fresh new view on company culture and very practical insights on how to execute culture and make it a strategic advantage.


Everybody can quote Drucker on ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.  But it’s not often obvious to people what they should do after the quote. It’s not necessarily a question of senior leadership not understanding the importance of culture. The issue is how to execute culture successfully, how to shape it in a sustainable way, how to build a legacy that can deal with any strategy change and any environmental change. In other words, how to make culture the strategic advantage.

The video is accessible via a downloadable Pdf.