Accreditation: Disruptive Ideas


Join us for a crash course in management innovation and uncover a powerful team building and renewal tool: In his book of the same name, Dr Leandro Herrero defined  Disruptive Ideas  as those which ‘provide management alternatives that, if spread, can completely transform the way the organization works without the need for a massive change management programme. Each of them in its own right has the potential to create significant change, but the compound benefit of a few of them is a real engine of change and business transformation.’ This course is held over 2 consecutive days, each session running from 1300-1700 UK.

You only need a few disruptive ideas to create big transformation.

Start: 11/09/2024 at 13:00
Finish: 12/09/2024 at 17:00
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Small Changes can lead to Big Transformation: During this course, you will be introduced to a total of 30 ‘ideas’ focused on structures, processes and behaviours, and will learn how to support your team to assess these on their own merits, imagining the impact of each idea within your own organization.  We will explore a process of critical thinking around the various disruptive ideas and create a mechanism to challenge assumptions about their positive or negative merits.

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